007. Marketing for Freelancers, Part 2: Your Website & Landing Page

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Your website is the foundation on which you will build the rest of your marketing strategy! It’s where you are going to be sending everyone to learn about you, who you are, and what you do. We argue that while your website IS your modern-day resumé, you don’t need a professional designer OR know how to code, in order to have one.

Listen to Episode 007, Marketing for Freelancers, Part 2: Your Website & Landing Page

Key Takeaways

  • Your website is your modern-day resumé.
    • Stronger than a resumé – because you’re showing people what you’re capable of versus a resumé where you’re telling people.
  • You don’t need a professional designer OR know how to code. There are tons of tools that make building a website possible for the average person.
    • Hire a brand designer later when you are more established in what you want your business to do. 

Brand Foundations

  • Repeat the same visual elements over + over again
    • Internal documents 
    • Fonts: script, heading, and body 
    • Color scheme 
  • Logo 
  • Messaging
    • The way that you speak and the kinds of things you say is a part of your brand. 
  • Be clear on your values and make sure those show in the way you are presenting your business 
  • Mood board
    • Sets the tone for your brand 
    • Use images that represent your brand and hex codes 
    • It can be referred to whenever you are making decisions about your brand. You can hand it off to people who are working for your business on the marketing or branding side. 
  • Brand board
    • Logo, typography, brand colors/consistent brand images 
  • You become an entrepreneur because you have a vision, and the mood board/brand board is how you can communicate your vision with other people. 

How to DIY a Website 

  • Squarespace or WordPress with Elementor Pro Plugin
  • WordPress Plugin: Use Any Font 
  • Canva- for creating your logo 
  • Lunapic- to make your logo transparent if you have the free version of Canva 
  • Google Docs- to write your website copy 
  • Unsplash- stock photos 
  • Pexels- stock photos 
  • Creative Market- buy stuff for your brand 
  • Divi- what Fran uses on her website 

Action Steps

  • Buy a domain name- GoDaddy- always buy your own name just so you have it 
  • Get hosting!
    • Bluehost (affiliate link): they give you a free domain with your purchase at heartcenteredservice.co/bluehost 
  • Download the PDF Guide 

Show Notes and References

  • Elementor + Elementor Pro (affiliate link): freemium WordPress plugin that is free to start!
  • Canva: a free graphic design software!
  • Lunapic: online tool to make images transparent
  • Bluehost (affiliate link): one click WordPress install + free domain with purchase


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