Episode 005. In-Person Networking for Freelancers

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In this episode, we talk about in-person networking for freelancers! In-person networking is one of the most powerful things you can do when you’re building an online, service-based business. Most of our clients are from our in-person network. Plus, working from home can be lonely – so it’s valuable to connect with like-minded people who you can bounce ideas with. We’re going to talk all about our experience and tips for in-person networking.

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Key Takeaways


  • You can learn from an online course, but you can make fast, personal connections at a conference.
  • Great way to meet people in your industry!
  • People who attend conferences are serious about their career.
  • Not all conferences are created equal.
    • A lot of conferences constantly push up-sells.
    • Some conferences lock you in a room and are mentally straining.
    • Research conference agenda to make sure there are opportunities to socialize and meet others!
  • Craft + Commerce Conference
    • A conference for online creators hosted by ConvertKit. It’s not just for bloggers and course creators, there are also service providers there!
    • Krista spent about $1,000 – $1,300 to attend the conference. Flights were most expensive. Community makes it worth every penny!
  • Engage in the Facebook Group before you go to the conference (pro-tip from Do You Even Blog?)
  • Prepare a standout introduction! Bonus points if it helps you skip the generic introductions and skip to the actual conversation.
  • If you are meeting someone you admire or respect, mention something really specific so you can create a genuine connection.

Coworking Spaces

  • It can be challenging to meet people at coworking spaces because people go to these spaces to work.
  • Find a coworking space that hosts events and do your due diligence to make sure the social component exists.
  • Give value to the community by hosting a workshop!
  • Make yourself known as the “______” person
  • #IntrovertTip: Have cues for people to start a conversation with you (unique office accessories, stickers, a tarot deck)

Meetup Events/Lunches

  • Use Facebook Groups or Meetup.com to find events hosted around you!
    • If there are none, host your own!
  • Ask something more interesting than the typical generic questions.
    • What’s something you are working on that you are really excited about?
    • What is an interesting hobby you have?
    • Reject generic questions.
  • Follow up by inviting someone on a coffee date! (IRL or Zoom) Don’t be afraid to follow people on social & start the conversation.

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