Episode 003: Why Being an Overachieving Freelancer Hurts You (and what to do instead)

In this episode, we talk about how to create a sustainable business model as an overachieving freelancer who wants to do #allthethings. There’s a lot of talk about how freelancers are high achievers by nature. But we talk about different ways to manage your sanity as a freelancer who wants to do all the things – so you can create balance in your life and avoid burning yourself out.

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Key Takeaways

Balance vs. Hustle

  • Rest instead of hustle is “in” right now! And while rest is important to sustaining success in your business, it’s okay to have busy seasons of work. But make sure you also slot in seasons of rest.
  • Are you putting a lot of time into something because you want to or because you feel like you have to?

Your YES is Sacred

  • It is OKAY to say no and be selective about who you say yes to. Your yes is exclusive, so reserve it for opportunities that light your fire – not stuff you want to drag your feet on.
  • It’s unfair  to everyone when you say yes to things that you aren’t going to give your heart to.

Treat yourself, girlfriend!

  • Allocate a part of your income to treating yourself.
  • Not paying yourself is a huge cause of burnout!
  • It really changes your energy and your mindset if you are enjoying your money and doing nice things for yourself.
  • A lot of business owners hold onto money, but money wants to flowwwww

How to Deal with Negative Energy as a Peal Pleaser

  • Overachievers are people-pleasers. A lot of people are scared of getting started (because of not feeling worthy or fearing negative feedback).
  • We talk about the Pat Flynn article Why People Really Hate Us Online
    • If you are receiving hate, it’s because you are doing something great, bold, and game-changing.
  • When someone is unkind to you, it says more about them than it does about you.
  • We talk about The Artist’s Way by Julie Cameron (affiliate link)
    • When people give up on their dreams, they sit on the sidelines and they shoot down anyone else who is still trying to chase their dreams.
  • We talk about Brene Brown’s The Call to Courage, Dare to Lead (affiliate link), TED Talk on vulnerability
    • Accept constructive criticism from people who are also your cheerleaders. Take a one inch by one inch notecard, and only the names that fit on that card are the people who are allowed to give you advice
  • The Power of Habit, Charles Duhigg
    • You only have a certain amount of willpower, so don’t waste it on negative people!

Stop chasing perfect

  • Done is better than perfect. Allow yourself to actually be done with projects and don’t drag them out because you want the end result to be “perfect”.
  • Perfectionism is usually a result of anxiety and a way that you hold yourself back from doing something big and scary.

DON’T do it all yourself

  • Join community! You can meet really cool people on the internet! If you don’t find yourself surrounded by positive people, this is just a moment in time, and until then use the online communities, or listen to podcasts that raise your vibration.
  • You really can’t do this alone. Find positive people with similar goals to you, form masterminds, collaborate with each other.
  • Join our community! We can help you create your inner circle 🙂
  • Connect with likeminded people
    • Networking events
    • Online summits
    • Mastermind groups
    • Schedule coffee chats
  • It’s easy to want to stay in your lane as an overachiever, but you really can’t just do everything on your own. We thrive and flourish the most when we allow people to support you.

Show Notes and References


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