023. Attracting Soulmate Clients Using Pinterest with Angela Ocampo of Golden Oasis Media

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In this episode, we talk with Angela Ocampo of Golden Oasis Media all about attracting soulmate clients using Pinterest. Once you set up Pinterest, the platform can bring you traffic whilst you sleep! 

Listen to Episode 023, Attracting Soulmate Clients Using Pinterest with Angela Ocampo of Golden Oasis Media

Key Takeaways

  • Pinterest is a search engine, it’s not a social media network (2:45). When people are on Pinterest, they are on a mission and looking for a solution to their problem. This means they are in a different place on the buyer journey than people who come to you from other social media platforms. 
  • Freelancers can use Pinterest to get infront of active members of their target audience – people who are looking for the solution they offer. 
  • Pinterest is really low maintenance after you put in the effort to set it up. 

Setting up Pinterest 

  • Focus on setting up the profile and focus on optimizing it like a search engine- you have to use keywords- base it on what your target audience is interested in 
  • Make sure you have at least 10 pieces of free content that can deliver value and convert your potential customers- blog, podcast, videos 
  • Get in front of your target audience by joining the right communities (group boards)- you want to join really niche group boards to make sure you reach the right people 

Angela’s Phases

  • Step 1: Optimise your profile. Create boards your target audience is interested in; what do
  • Step 2: 10 pieces of free content that deliver massive value and take your audience from Point A to Point B
  • Step 3: Maximise your reach by getting in front of the right communities 

Keyword Research for Pinterest 

  • You can do keyword research directly on the platform, because it automatically shows you the most popular words and phrases in the suggestion bar when you begin to search something 
  • You can also go into the Pinterest ad dashboard and start setting up an add without actually running it just to troubleshoot different words and phrases 
  • People search shorter more broad phrases on Pinterest compared to Google 

Attracting the Right Leads on Pinterest 

  • Do some research on what kind of stuff they would be searching for. 
  • Start creating free content that provides massive value based on what your target customer needs- the content needs to directly solve a problem 
  • Put the popular keywords all over your profile

Getting in Front of the right communities 

  • You can use Tailwind tribes with a free Tailwind account 
  • Consistency is everything- you may not see the results immediately 
  • A common mistake is to join the wrong group boards that are not in line with your niche 
  • Another common mistake is leading people to the website without any idea of what to do with them next. You need to do things to get people to like and trust you before they can buy from you. 

One quick thing you can do today 

  • Make sure all of your pin descriptions are using the keywords that your target customer is looking for (and add 3-5 hashtags per pin in broad topics) 

Show Notes and References


About Angela Ocampo

Angela is the founder of Golden Oasis Media, a Pinterest management & strategy studio. She’s a blogger turned Pinterest wizard who has a heart for helping creative entrepreneurs and online coaches create a community of raving fans with the power of Pinterest! Besides Pinterest, she’s obsessed with plants, all things spiritual, and feeding her soul with travel adventures.


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