021. Embracing Imperfection + Taking Leaps of Faith as a High Achiever with Vernon Maxxwell

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Today’s episode is an inspiring interview with Vernon Maxxwell. We talk about embracing imperfection, taking risks, and taking leaps of faith to pursue ambitions without limitations. The reason why we produce this podcast is because we want to encourage trailblazers to stop playing small. Vernon is an Aries who always seems to find the courage within himself to take big leaps. 

We enjoyed this humbling episode with Vern talking about how he has discovered his own tolerance for taking risks. If you feel scared to take the next step, this episode is for you.

Listen to Episode 021, Embracing Imperfection + Taking Leaps of Faith as a High Achiever with Vernon Maxxwell

Side Note: There are noticable audio issues in this episode. Thank you to those of you who stick around to listen to this incredible, inspiring conversation!

Key Takeaways

  • The problem with advice – if you internalize advice and it doesn’t work, you feel bad about yourself. 
  • What’s the worst that could happen? Picture the worst case scenario and what you would have to do in order to find your way back 
  • Writing things down and getting them out of your head is helpful for dealing with fears.

Risk & Risk Tolerance (10:07)

  • Everyone has a different risk tolerance. What are the risks you can tolerate? Your risk threshold can grow with experience. 
    • What’s the smallest step you can take to test out the waters?
  • You don’t have to go all in. Take the risks that you feel comfortable with and learn from the losses.

Building a Risk Threshold (16:10)

  • You can learn from the low points you experience. If you can bounce back from the “losses,” imagine what you can accomplish with your perseverance & resilience. 
  • Finding the Courage to Start Taking Big Leaps Again (29:30)
  • When you face adversity or challenge, you build your database of decision-making in a way that you can’t learn from reading a book. 

Intuitive Decision-Making

  • When you are planning something big, don’t tell anyone! It’s like show and tell, you show first, tell second. 
  • Are you doing something because you truly want it, or are you doing it to get attention? If you are doing it for yourself, you don’t need anyone else to give you feedback. 
  • If you have to make a big decision, sit with it and let it marinate in your spirit. 
  • Schedule time outside of work and put it on the calendar. If a client is valuable enough to be on your calendar, you should be valuable enough too. 
    • Prioritize yourself!

Show Notes and References

About Vernon Maxxwell

Vernon Maxxwell—entrepreneur, world traveler, DJ, celebrity podcaster, and all-around life enthusiast—lives by a simple mantra: More Please. More adventure, more creativity, and of course, more fun. Born to be a show-stopper, he’s brought nonstop energy and unique flair to each and every endeavor since telling his mom, at just 4 years old, that he wanted to be Prince. The only thing that matches Vernon’s ambition is his versatility. Whether he’s rocking the baby blue tux at his senior prom or exploring the ancient ruins of Tikal, Vernon is a champion of experimentation and joy.

An award-winning Toastmaster, consultant, and media company founder, Vernon thrives outside the comfort zone. In his podcast, “Famous Quotes From Famous People,” Vernon encourages his listeners to hop aboard the knowledge train and ride it all the way to inspiration town. From Aristotle to Oprah, he brings unique insights and inspirations that continually redefine what it means to pursue ambitions without limitations.


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