020. How to Set and Stick to Goals: Intuitive Goal-Setting for the Trailblazing Freelancer

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There is NO one-size-fits-all when it comes to goal-setting. In today’s episode, we talk about the different ways we set goals for our freelance business. 

Listen to Episode 20, How to Set and Stick to Goals: Intuitive Goal-Setting for the Trailblazing Freelancer

Key Takeaways

  • Lunar Cycle
    • Fran plans using the lunar cycle
    • Lunar cycle is 28 days with the main phases of planning being the new moon and full moon 
    • Set goals and intentions on the new moon 
    • Look back on intentions and evaluate two weeks later on the full moon. 
    • This builds in two strong checkpoints to check in with yourself every month. 
    • There are also long-term methods for working with the lunar cycle!
    • For guidance planning using the lunar cycle, check out Manifestation Moon Circle hosted by Francesca
  • Short-Term Goal Setting
    • Krista sets short-term goals to laser focus on, and she uses Trello to reverse engineer the process and see the big picture of what she has to do. 
  • How to set Good Goals
    • Put smart goals aside and get clear on the feelings behind the goals we are setting. 
    • Set a goal that produces something tangible, but don’t lose sight of the feeling you are looking for. 
    • Create a board on Trello or a space where you can braindump goals, and you can choose the ones to work towards when the time is right. 
    • Trust yourself. Any decision you make is the right decision. 
    • Set goals that you are excited about. Don’t set goals because you feel like you need to have certain things. Set goals that actually reflect what you want. 
    • Check in with your progress regularly. 
    • Take one big goal and break it into smaller goals. 
    • Set up a place to braindump and dream. Trello is awesome for this. 

Show Notes and References


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