014. Money Mindset: Heal Your Relationship with Money + Uplevel Your Freelance Business Money Management

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In this episode, we talk about money mindset! The truth is, we pick up beliefs about money from our surroundings starting at a very young age.

And because this topic is so taboo, there is a lot of power hidden in your relationship with money. If you have never done any work around your money mindset, chances are you are operating under the same habits and beliefs that you inherited from your parents when you were under the age of 7. 

It’s time for an update. 

Healing your relationship with money will uplevel the way you handle your freelance business income and expenses, which is why we’re so excited to bring you this episode today!

Listen to Episode 014, Money Mindset: Heal Your Relationship with Money + Uplevel Your Freelance Business Money Management

Key Takeaways

What is money mindset, and why is it important when running your freelance business?

  • Money mindset is about updating your beliefs and healing your relationship with money. 
  • The amount of money we have can drastically affect our quality of life, and we really feel it when we own businesses and are responsible for our own income. Unfortunately, so many people have an incredibly unhealthy relationship with money. 
  • We hold beliefs about money and we hold beliefs about ourselves that could limit us. When we take inventory of our beliefs we want to examine the beliefs that we hold about money and general and beliefs about our ability to accumulate money. 
    • Money is a unit of measurement, it doesn’t have any power unless you give it power. It’s a tool and you can use it for whatever you want. 

Law of Attraction

  • Your beliefs create your reality. 99 percent of your behavior is run by your subconscious 
  • The stories we tell ourselves become our reality. Your thoughts are everything and you have the ability to choose them 
  • Krista focuses on opportunity when she invests, so she attracts what she focuses on. 
    • When you are a business owner, you have to cultivate a mindset with making investments. 
  • Create an abundance log! Write down every cent you make in your business as a celebration. 
  • The way you interact with money can be seen as a relationship you are building with your finances.

Improving Your Money Mindset

  • Reflect on your beliefs
    • Take the money archetype quiz
    • Spend a few days writing down your thoughts
    • Braindump everything you think/believe about money and your worthiness to have money 
    • Go through your beliefs and choose which ones you want to keep and which ones you want to be finished with. Keep the ones that work for you! 

Show Notes and References


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