010. Marketing for Freelancers, Part 4: Content Marketing

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In this episode, we talk about content marketing! This is the third of four levels in the Marketing for Freelancers series. We talk about how to create content that resonates with your clients (and potential clients) so that your dream clients connect with you before they even hop on a call.

Listen to Episode 010, Marketing for Freelancers, Part 4: Content Marketing

Key Takeaways

  • Which medium do you want to use? 
    • Blogging, podcasting, or video content – which one makes you the most excited? 
    • Remember the user intent – how do people use each medium and what are the reasons for them to be using each medium? 
    • You can use one piece of content in multiple mediums.
  • Brainstorming content
    • What questions do you always get? 
    • What opinions or tips do you have about your industry?
    • What do you wish you had known when you were just starting out? 
    • What do you wish your clients knew?
  • Messaging
    • Brainstorm the values and themes you want associated with your brand and then the why behind the values. 
    • Bridge the gap between the offline and online presence. 
    • Content creation is a form of self-expression
    • Ask your friends what they would go to you for. Think about how you bond with others and what stands out about those bonds. 
  • Organizing your content strategy
    • Braindump all of your topic ideas into a project management system. 
    • Set aside time every week specifically for working on your content and batch all of the work that goes into creating your content. 
    • Give yourself the time, space, and organization that allows you to keep up with the cadence but not rushing to get the content out. 
    • It can be hard to get into the flow of doing this. Start by setting aside one day per week and work towards making that happen. Maybe you have to spend some extra time getting ahead of client work, or maybe you have to set some boundaries in place. 
    • Journaling is a great way to clear your head and come up with podcast ideas. 
  • Make sure you are meeting your readers where they are at. 
    • What is their current circumstances/mindset?
    • Do you maybe need to begin educating them about why they need your service? 


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