Episode 001: Meet Your Hosts Francesca Mamlin & Krista Aoki!

So, you’ve discovered the Heart-Centered Service podcast! This is a podcast for freelancers talking about all things freelancing! We’re your hosts, Krista Aoki and Francesca Mamlin.

We start by talking about what freelancing means to both of us. Then, we introduce ourselves.

Francesca served her clients as a copywriter and digital marketing until she found her first business coaching client. Krista serves her clients as a WordPress website designer and brand manager.

Join us as we talk about the importance of freelancing in personal development, and what heart-centered service means to us.

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Key Takeaways

What is a freelancer?

Freelance is a broad term – it refers to people who are self-employed rather than committed to an employer long-term. A freelancer works within their zone of genius to serve clients. They typically manage their own expenses, income, client systems, and work schedule.

Meet Your Host, Francesca Mamlin

Francesca Mamlin graduated from university with a degree in theatre. She worked behind the scenes in plays.

Even working in theatre (a lifelong dream), Francesca wanted more from life – especially travel. She stumbled upon some information about digital nomads, and taught herself digital marketing. She worked online in social media management, email marketing and copywriting… and one day she booked a one-way ticket to Bali.

Along the way, Francesca launched her podcast, The Reckless Entrepreneur. This podcast helped her attract her first business coaching client!

Meet Your Host, Krista Aoki

Krista Aoki is a website designer and brand manager. As a freelancer, getting over the imposter syndrome and giving herself the title “website designer and brand manager” took what felt like forever!

Krista strongly identifies with her culture – an Asian-American Pacific-Islander from Guam! Growing up in an Asian-American household meant that work was equivalent to self-value. Krista used to value working multiple jobs or working crazy long hours.

In 2017, Krista realized she could make money online. She made a name for herself as a blogger who helped people with issues on their WordPress website. So she put in a two-week notice to her job and bought a one-way ticket to Thailand! Because of her skillset, she fell into website design. But now she works in a field she loves.

What is heart-centered service?

We have a lot of weird ideas about what purpose means, but it’s more than what just fits in one area of your life! You have the opportunity to live it every moment of every day.

Heart-centered service means constructing your job in a way that allows you to live your purpose! It means operating from a place of heart doing what you love! It means creating boundaries that allow you to work from a place of passion, not hustle.

Show Notes and References


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