027. Create a Client Experience that Wows Clients + Generates Referrals

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Creating a solid client experience is one of the most important things you can do as a freelancer. Streamlining workflows and processes helps your client see you as the talented professional you truly are.

We know everyone has their own unique way of approaching the way they create their own special client experience. So today we’re sharing what we do in our own businesses to help spark ideas in regards to what you can do in your own business, whether you’re creating your client experience from scratch or improving what you already have.

Listen to Episode 027, Create a Client Experience that Wows Clients + Generates Referrals

Key Takeaways

Stage 1: Client Onboarding

  • Show you understand the problem better than the client does. Repeat the problems back to the client and show you understand not just the problem, but also how to solve it.
  • Schedule discovery calls with Acuity Scheduler
  • Detailed questionnaires that expand the way people think about their business
  • Welcome package + contract- set expectations and explain the tools that will be used

Stage 2: Workflows + Communication

  • Write down every step of the process and create templates of your workflow
  • Create canned emails for emails that you find yourself sending over and over (welcome email, proposal email, invoice email, etc.)
  • Decide how you’re communicating with clients
    • Slack or Discord channel
    • Trello or Asana
    • Email

Stage 3: Client Retention

  • Client retention
  • Human connection
  • Build the opportunity for long-term relationships into your services
  • Check in with your clients regularly
  • Play off your strengths
  • Over-communicate

Show Notes and References


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