026. Spice Up Your Website Copy with Allison-Evelyn Gower

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In today’s episode, we talk to Allison-Evelyn Gower, a Brand Strategist & Copywriter who gives words (vodka shots of) personality. Allison has this magical way with words that helps women entrepreneurs have a fierce “so you” website. Tune into this episode for actionable tips to spice up your website copy.

Listen to Episode 026, Spice Up Your Website Copy with Allison-Evelyn Gower

Key Takeaways

  • We were conditioned as students to write very formally. This means it takes some time to go back to writing as yourself. 
  • Ask friends, family, and clients to describe you in a few adjectives. 
  • Look at brands that you love and look at their copy. Check out businesses outside of your industry that their branding is similar to your personality. 

Website Copy 

  • As women we have a deep desire to be taken seriously, and this might lead to overly-formal phrases. 
  • If someone is on your website, there is a reason. 
  • What is your brand “like”? 
  • Write with pen and paper, because you use more creative muscles when you write with your hand. 
  • What is it that people get from you? 
  • Kill your babies. You are going to delete a majority of what you write. 

Common Mistakes

  • Trying to write copy without going deep into their messaging/business goals or without doing research. 
  • Talk about yourself in the first person and address the reader directly. 
  • CTA on every page. A lot of clients don’t actually know how to hire you. They aren’t in your industry. 
  • It’s all about featuring your personality. That’s the most important thing. 
  • Say things that isn’t popular. 

Social Media 

  • Focus on your website first. Some of the stuff you write for your website but don’t use can be used for your social media copy. 
  • Think about where your audience is in their journey and what else they are seeing in their feed. 
  • What clients have you worked with and what are their stories? 
  • What was your childhood like? What specific moments can you share that could relate to your audience? 
  • What kinds of posts are you drawn to yourself? 

Show Notes and References

About Allison-Evelyn Gower

Allison is a Brand Strategist & Copywriter, giving words (vodka shots of) personality. 

In the wild west of the commercial and production industry, Allison found her true niche in copywriting. (Apparently the Marketing and English degree actually made sense!) As a partner for a variety of businesses, from solopreneurs to international brands, Allison’s developed hard-hitting strategies that are a must for any business wanting success. 

With a niche for serving women business owners, wellness brands and service pros, Allison has boosted email conversion rates by as high as 24%, written promo sequences with an average open rate of 35% and transformed clients from lost freelancers to in-demand experts.

When not masterminding with top marketers, Allison is in her home base of New York City – doing downward dog, hosting her women’s business book club or lamenting the fact carrier pigeons…no longer exist. (Shocking, is it not?!)

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